5,000 Extras Wanted To Recreate Crushing Incident In Coppers Musical


A DUBLIN theatre company has put out a call today for 5,000 budding young actors, aged between 16-19, to perform in an up-and-coming production of Coppers – The Musical.

It is understood the extras will be asked to recreate a spectacular crushing incident which took place outside the popular nightclub last month.

Producer Darren Smith told WWN that the show will hold true to Copper Face Jacks, dramatising the busy venue as a hotbed of sex, violence and early morning lock-ins.

“Already we’ve had hundreds of Gardai and Nurses requesting to take part in the production.” said Smith. “We are however looking for real actors for the show – who must be equally messy looking and overweight as a stereotypical off duty Garda or nurse.”

By not giving too much away, he said the crushing incident will be one of the highlights of the show, and will be auditioning for a female main role for that particular scene.

“We are looking for an 19-year-old actress to play the part of Hannah Kelly, who received minor injuries during the famous crush.” he told WWN. “It’s all in good fun really. The script is dynamite and we’ve got a substantial budget to work with so happy days all round.”

It is not known whether owner Cathal Jackman will cameo as the ‘big bad owner’ in the musical