Up-And-Coming Comedian To Point Out ‘Hilarious’ Irish Character Traits For Duration Of Career


COMEDIAN Dermot Keane walked off the stage to a roar of applause from the audience for the second night in a row, kicking off his nationwide tour with a bang in his hometown of Oola, county Limerick.

Wiping the sweat from his brow, the 24-year-old ex-carpenter thanked members of the crowd for coming, and vowed to return again next year for ‘more capers’.

“I killed it out there tonight,” he told WWN in an exclusive interview in the community halls squash dressing room. “Pointing out how Irish mammy’s threaten you with the wooden spoon nearly brought the house down.”

The up-and-coming funnyman began his 40 minute set by reflecting on his childhood, pointing out all the familiar thoughts and phrases every young Irish adult can relate to.

“Do any of ye remember when the teacher asked a question and the whole class would put up their hand, hissing the word ‘sir, sir, sir,’ over and over again?” he jested while mimicking the hilarious action of said moment. “After a while you’d actually be standing up trying to out-beat your fellow students hand altitude. Then, when you did get asked you had forgotten the answer because you were so busy trying to get the teacher’s attention!”

Tens of people laughed and applauded the memory, relating to his clever words and ability to remember such instances in such detail.

“It was like he was there with me in my head.” whispered one audience member to another.

Dermot told me later his style of comedy was crafted on the road, learning what works and doesn’t work from other well-known Irish comedians.

“There’s a formula in the madness.” he insisted. “Irish audiences are a piece of piss to make laugh. The trick is just to point out stuff that happens Irish people all the time while making animated gestures.”

When asked if he will branch out to the UK market, he replied: “I dunno lad. To make it there I’ll have to play the Fr. Ted Doogle card and act like I’m thick. I think its saturated enough at this stage so I’ll stick to making drunk farmers laugh at themselves instead.”

Dermot’s ‘Totes LOL tour’ is expected to last well into the Autumn, with a DVD of his best bits being released in time for Christmas.