‘Yes, That’s Enough Photos Of Your Fantastic Life In Australia Thank You Very Much’


IRISH citizens who still currently reside in Ireland have collectively urged those who emigrated to Australia to refrain from ‘rubbing it in our faces’.

Irish people living abroad in Australia are currently enjoying good weather and an envious lifestyle, leaving those stuck here at home feeling even more miserable than usual.

A pressure group called ‘Fuck off with your photos’ was set up by a number bitter and jealous Irish residents last week and has quickly gathered over 4 million likes on social networking site Facebook.

Co-founder of the group Niall Quinlan spoke to WWN about the motivations and aims behind his group. “Basically, I was sick to me bollocks of scrolling down my feed seeing the endless photos from me mates in Australia, if they weren’t having a BBQ by the pool for the third day in a row they were off coping a feel of some lad from Home and Away. Smug bastards”.

Unofficial Facebook data obtained by WWN revealed that for every one photo uploaded by an Irish person here their Australian based counterpart uploads 40 photos.

“The disparity is there for all to see,” commented co-founder Deirdre Sheridan, “I look out my window and it’s grey skies, but when my friend Kate takes a photo of her back garden, it’s as if all my favourite things and the world’s sexiest men have had a lovechild.”

“Smile, after smile, after smile over there. It’s fecking depressing. Sure, you saw what happened to that Australian one who only here five minutes? Didn’t know what to do with herself!”

Irish based Australians were unavailable for comment when contacted by WWN due the pesky time difference and the small matter of having the time of their lives.