Elderly Woman Who Skips Queue Added To Man’s List Of Enemies


LIVID Wicklow man Tommy Doran is rumoured to have added yet another name to his list of enemies following a frustrating morning queuing in the post office.

Doran had been waiting patiently in the queue for 20 minutes when an elderly woman, believed to be Carmel Hegarty, walked in and in Doran’s words ‘gave it the little lost lamb routine before ambling up to the counter like she couldn’t give a fuck’.

Doran confessed to WWN that he carries a pen and writing pad on him at all times just in case he has cause to make note of someone doing wrong by him.

“You know Father Ted made a mockery of enemy lists, making them seem trivial, but honestly, I don’t know what I’d do without mine,” Doran told WWN exclusively. “I have written here now the auld bitch Carmel will be getting a brick through the window. Brazen so she was, lording it over all of us that she skipped the queue.”

CCTV footage shown to WWN of the incident reveals Doran’s account to be true.

Miss Hegarty, an 85-year-old former P.E teacher, is seen feigning confusion when she enters the post office, subsequently she is seen skipping the queue to buy several stamps. The sly bitch is then seen winking at Mr. Doran as she exits the premises.

“I’m all for respecting the elderly, but talk about giving the aged a bad name, she’s a scourge on the queue abiding community. She has to go on me list, I’ve no choice” shared Doran.

Other names on Doran’s extensive list are Slobodan Milosevic, Thierry Henry and the colour red.