Taliban Calendar Banned In 76 Countries


TALIBAN leaders were slammed today for “stooping to a very low level indeed” after the organisation of evil Islamic fundamentalist killers published a saucy 2010 Taliban calendar.

The new look colour calendar, made in Pakistan, has caused outrage in both east and west communities.

Islamic and western leaders alike have all voiced a similar opinion on the extremist publishing.

The calendar went on sale in 300 countries last week and has already has been banned in 76 after damming intelligence reports surfaced shortly afterwards.

It emerged that all profits from the glossy grail have been directly linked to Al Qaeda financiers thus funding terrorist activity in Afghanistan and Iraq. The calendar, which depicts chiselled Taliban soldiers, costs €25 and has so far sold a massive 3.7 million copies, mostly in the middle eastern neighbourhoods of Iran and Saudi Arabia.

The National Abuse Centre of Taliban Men (NACTM)in Ireland stated that “this is typical of the kind of abuse the Taliban leaders dish out to their own members, using topless Muslim martyrs to raise funds for the terrorists group. This is sick and immoral. They have no shame. This is surely an all new low for the already tainted group.”

Twelve Taliban soldiers were selected from 157 Provinces in Afghanistan for the photoshoots.

All 12 men were then publically be-headed for their role in the calendar. Their heads were then impaled on camera tri-pods which were scattered around the country.