Waterford County Council: Black And Amber Road Signs Abolished


Motorists entering county Waterford are being reminded today that all black and amber road signs are due to change as the county adopts a new approach to its Anti-Kilkenny campaign.

From Monday 24th of May, the colour of road signs will change to a more traditional blue and white in order to break away from the black and amber regime which has haunted many Deise people since the late fifties.

Warning notices have already been erected on all major roads entering the south east county following a decision by the local council to ‘abolish Kilkenny colours for good’. Every home in the Republic of Ireland will receive a leaflet advising of the changes to the road signs in Waterford.

Following the announcement earlier this month, a hard core Waterford man and council spokesperson advised road users outside of Waterford to think about the impact of the black and amber colours on their own county hurling teams.

“How can a hurling team win any hurling match when they are constantly bombarded by passing black and amber road signs all the way to the pitch. No wonder the bastards win everything. Its psychological warfare boy!”

As part of the drastic colour change, all Kilkenny fans wearing the league jersey are to be fined 1000 euro if they are caught in Waterford city or county.

The main changes include:


  • Blue and white road signs for the whole county.
  • A county wide ban on Kilkenny flags, jerseys or any other cat paraphernalia.
  • All cars with a KK registration plate will be automatically tolled one euro for using any Waterford traffic light, speed bump or stop sign.
  • Kilkenny natives must always be accompanied by a Waterford person when visiting the county.


Waterford county council estimates that the total cost of the changeover, 5.7 million euros, will be funded by toll fees and fines placed on Kilkenny people.

“We suspect to break even in the first three months of the new campaign” said council spokesman, Mossey Roche, earlier today.