Local Woman Takes Break From Reading About Gaza Horrors To Catch Up On Russians War Crimes In Ukraine


FEELING the immense wave of guilt wash over her that comes with looking away from unfolding tragedy because she is simply unable to bare witness to anymore death and suffering in Gaza, local woman Chloe D’Arcy has decided to catch up with the war in Ukraine.

“I do not have the vocabulary to give voice to how awful all this is but on the plus side taking a pause for my own well being does mean I get to catch up on the horrors in Ukraine which I haven’t had a chance to recently really,” D’Arcy shared, opening the Ukraine tab on her news apps and associated keywords on social media feeds.

“Oh, Russia are forcing Ukrainian prisoners of war to the front lines to fight against their own country… maybe catching up on this isn’t such a good idea,” said D’Arcy, getting that horrible sinking feeling she has had reading the news for much of the last 6 weeks and her entire adult life.

“‘UN confirms a missile attack by Russia in Hroza killed 59 civilians’, wow the things you miss when your senses are overwhelmed by the unrelenting horrors of human evil elsewhere,” added D’Arcy, wishing the ‘evil bastards’ portion of earth’s population would just take a day off.

However, D’Arcy found some relief in the fact she could enjoy a distraction from Gaza by watching people being trapped in inhospitable conditions and tortured all for the perverse pleasure of sadistic onlookers now that I’m A Celeb is back on TV.