Not To Be Outdone Local Mother Arrives For School Run In Monster Truck


THE SCHOOL run can often be the scene of amateur fashion shows, displays of opulence and an overall parade of pettiness as parents exhibit the sort of puerile childishness that would make their own children blush.

However, that was not the case today as mother-of-three Alex Sullivan arrived in a monster truck to drop off her children.

“I got a good trade in on the Land Rover and the seat is just the perfect height for seeing all of the road,” confirmed Sullivan as she threw out a ladder for her children to aid their ascent out of the car.

“You know, what with all the big jeeps and that, it just feels safer for me. A bit of peace of mind with the kids ‘cus let’s face it there are some lunatics around here that can’t drive,” added Sullivan reversing out of a disabled parking space and over several cars she had crushed.

The inevitable evolution of school run vehicles could yet spark as purchasing frenzy.

“What I look for in a car is simple; something brand new that loses its value instantly, puts me in severe debt and above all else is beyond my capabilities to control as a driver,” explained fellow mum Grace Hartigan, who after seeing Sullivan’s new purchase has vowed to buy that British army issue Challenger 3 tank she has had her eye on.

The mothers were keen to stress that before curtain twitchers in the locality have their say, they need the large vehicles on account of the fact they are always hitting the tough terrain of Ireland’s countryside at least once a decade.