“Wow, Really?” Says Local Man When Asked By Date Where He’s From Originally


LOCAL MAN Sean Clark is still trying to recalibrate his thoughts after being blind-sided by his date Adaku Duru’s insensitive line of questioning as she treated his answers on his roots in a country he proudly calls home with pronounced suspicion.

“No, I just mean with a surname like that, y’know? Isn’t Clark Scottish? Derived from ‘scholar’ or something?” Dubliner Duru followed up, leaving the Waterford man to contort his face in disbelief at the tone-deaf approach.

“No offense meant but you said your Mam’s name is Vivienne so you can hardly accuse me of making a leap there. English grandmother? See, I told you I knew something wasn’t quite ‘right’ and here you were getting defensive” .

Trying his best to take in the date as he knew he would want to recount every moment of it to friends once it was over, Clark decided to weather the interrogation politely and calmly without causing a scene.

“Okay, I can see I’ve upset you but honestly can’t see why you’d be mad like, there’s no need to be defensive about it. Technically everyone comes from somewhere else, right? Wouldn’t be surprised if you’re a bit eastern European going back too, just by looking at you”.

“We’re eating in a Middle Eastern restaurant in a city founded by vikings,” Duru continued, unashamedly continuing with her line of questioning on what was fast becoming Clark’s worst ever date.