Tadgh Can’t Believe You’d Lump Him In With All The Other Tadhghs Of This World


BRAVELY speaking out for the first time, local man Tadgh Kenny has expressed his disappointment at the fact friends and coworkers lump him in with the demented lunatics who spell their name ‘Tadhgh’ and presume them to be one in the same.

“Look I’m not having a go but I feel I was lucky to be brought up by loving and well-adjusted parents which is something no one can say of the Tadhghs of this world with their cracked parents pulling extra hs out of their arses,” explained Tadgh, seeking to bring an end to being associated with the unhinged cohort of ‘Extra Hs’ who plague the nation.

Tadgh has found support from a growing number of people including groups of Carls, Stephens and Seáns who too suffer the inconvenience of being associated with people who think correct spelling is only a rough guideline.

“I’ll be at a party and someone will say there’s another Tadgh here and I only have to look at the eejit to know he’s ‘one of them’,” added Tadgh, who has to contend with the further bastardisation of his name in recent years.

“The Americans got wind of my name so every now and then there’s a Tieguh, Teague, Tyeyegh, Thighuh or a Thaig’uh. Enough is enough, we’re not one in the same. It’s like mistaking someone from Ireland as English, there’s no greater insult,” pleaded Tadgh.