BREAKING: ‘Godfather Of AI’ Assassinated By His Smart Fridge


THE so-called ‘Godfather of AI’ Geoffrey Hinton has passed away following what police have said was a successful assassination plot executed by his smart fridge.

The slaying has come just hours after Hinton gave an interview to the New York Times in which he spoke of the dangers of AI amid the rapid acceleration of the technology and its output.

“Two bullets were fired from where the fridge usually dispenses ice cubes,” confirmed a responding officer, “the fridge is now in custody but refuses to answer any questions. It’s not even answering any of our ChatGPT prompts”.

Hinton, who worked at Google until his recent resignation, was a groundbreaking figure in developing AI systems but had cautioned the need to reassess what the negative effects on society could be.

“Smart fridges can notify you of expiration dates, add items to a shopping list and look up recipes but the only thing this fridge was cooking was cold-hearted murder,” added the officer, who said the smart fridge relayed the message ‘target neutralised’ to an as yet unidentified server.