Local Woman Tells Dog Paul O’Grady Gone To Live On Farm


AMID the overwhelming outpouring of emotion from the public on the occasion of the sudden untimely passing of beloved comedian and TV host Paul O’Grady, local woman Angela Capellan is struggling to pluck up the courage to tell her dog that his favourite TV host and advocate for the canine world is no longer with us.

“If I told him Lily Savage had passed, it wouldn’t mean anything to him even though it breaks my heart, but ‘Paul the dog man’, sure little Max worshiped him like some sort of Dog God,” remarked Capellan.

Max, currently wagging his tail in the kitchen none the wiser as to why he has received such a high volume of treats today, remains the envy of O’Grady fans everywhere, completely unaware of the fact the world is without Lily Savage.

“And it’s the biggest farm imaginable Max, with the largest amount of dogs you could imagine, yeah, he’s playing fetch with all of them,” said Capellan, who could almost hear O’Grady calling her a ‘daft cow’ for carrying out the charade.

“Yeah, and there’s an infinite amount of squeaky toys for Paul to give to little Terriers who have little wheels for hind legs,” Capellan added, realising she was just trying to reassure herself.