Yeah TD Is A Landlord, The Fuck You Going To Do About It?


SEVEN more TDs including the Taoiseach have officially declared that they are landlords, and have urged more of their fellow politicians to come forwards as there’s ‘nothing these bitches are going to do about it’.

The revelations come after a steady stream of TDs such as Robert Troy being ‘outed’ as landlords, with many saying that if Troy can get away with claiming he ‘just forgot’ about his rental properties then there’s no reason not to just come out with the truth.

“Yeah I receive an annual income of over €2,600 per year from a property that isn’t my primary place of residence. Well over it, in fact. Got anything to say about that? Thought not!” said one of the seven yesterday, who had originally kept his rental property a secret in case of political reprisal.

“I can’t believe I thought it would cost me a vote if I owned up. It’ll cost me nothing, you lot will continue to vote for me and I’ll continue to vote on housing issues in a manner that suits me and my landlord buddies. God, it’s good to finally say that out loud for once”.

While the public have expressed dismay that the very people who should be sorting out the housing crisis are the same people profiting from it, many have admitted that it’s just nice to hear politicians being honest for once.