Scammers Are Targeting Your Aul Pair And More Importantly, Robbing Your Inheritance


MORE and more Irish people are being duped out of their inheritance due to their idiot parents getting suckered by phone and mail scams, and here’s how you can stop it:

1) Get your parents to give you your inheritance now

If your mam and dad don’t give you your money now, they’re almost certainly going to end up transferring it to the first person who texts them claiming that they have an undelivered parcel that will be returned if they don’t type in their bank details.

You don’t need them to know how to transfer money to you, you can do it if you have their bank details. They’re still going to be left without money, you’re just cutting out the middleman!

2) Scam your parents first

Your mam and dad don’t want to part with your hard-earned cash? That’s fine. Just scam them out of it, before someone beats you to it.

Get some brochures claiming to be an investment company printed up, pass them through the letterbox and wait.

Want to speed things up? Just call round for tea and talk about how one of your co-workers made a fortune with ‘Future Investico’ or whatever. Once you get past their questions about why you’re so chatty with them all of a sudden, you’ll be grand.

3) Educate them

Sit your parents down and show them how text scams work, and explain phishing and other internet techniques. If they don’t understand, go deeper and show how phones and laptops work.

Explain the internet, all of it. Maybe start with the concept of electricity. And come back day after day and go over it until they finally understand. It’s a lot of work, but do you want this 15 grand or not?!