Culchie Sure Does Love A Good Tarot Reading


THE death of Mystic Meg has hit the astrology community hard, no more so than in rural Ireland where tarot card readings and fortune telling remains one of the most common pastimes among boggers of all ages.

No-one quite knows when or why culchies latched on to fortune telling, but it remains the second-most popular belief system behind Catholicism and the leading source of income in Ireland’s nixer economy ahead of Reiki and ‘cures’.

“There’s a whole lot of mumbo-jumbo and superstitious nonsense in this world, and the only way to avoid it is going to an aul one up the road who will do the cards for you and give you a clear steer on things,” said one Waterford man we spoke to, who rarely makes a life decision without running it past a soothsayer.

“And you can ask them anything – am I going to die, when will I find love, will the guards ever find out about that thing I did, should I invest in crypto… they’ll always have something to say on the subject, and they’re usually fairly spot on. Well, kind of spot on. Not spot on at all, in fact usually way off the mark. But they’ll have gotten some little detail vaguely correct, and that’s enough for me”.

In some parts of the country Angel Card readers outnumber teachers by 10 to 1, but despite this a culchie in need of help and advice can sometimes be forced to wait up to five weeks for an opportunity to have their palm read.