Beautiful Photo Captures Returning Flock Of Landlords To Rental Market


WHEN AMATEUR photographer Dylan McCartlin went out for his morning walk armed with his SLR camera he never imagined in his wildest dreams that he would capture one of the most elusive sights in Irish wildlife, according to the government at least, the Lesser Spotted Vilified Landlord.

“I didn’t realise what they were at first until I heard one of them on the phone to Newstalk saying they were an accidental landlord,” Dylan said of the sighting which happened at close to 7am.

“Some mornings I don’t get any decent photos it’s just depressing tents along the canal, but apparently these guys are endangered so it was really thrilling to snap them,” Dylan added.

The incredible formation of landlords would not have been possible was it not for government intervention in helping reclaim key nesting spots, properties people live in, by introducing an end to the eviction ban. The freeing up of these nesting spots will encourage a fresh migration of landlords to watering holes such as

“I’m just a bit annoyed at myself because I didn’t capture the Minister for Housing in the image,” said Dylan, of Darragh O’Brien who was laying out a bread crumb trail of €800mn worth of tax breaks in a bid to lead landlords back to their historic grazing grounds – high rent yield properties that would make homes for prospective home owners if they fell into the wrong hands.

Landlord-spotting nerds have argued that Dylan’s photos are nothing special as such flocks have been easy to spot on Airbnb or just happily perched on a vacant property.