Kanye West Finally Does Something Worse Than Interrupting Taylor Swift At VMAs


UNCONTROVERSIAL, even tempered and always tethered to reality Kanye West has finally, after many attempts, eclipsed the horrors of interrupting Taylor Swift at the 2009 VMAS.

“Personally I don’t think engaging in rampant antisemitism and declaring your adoration for Hitler is AS bad as ruining Taylor’s big moment, but we’re all entitled to our opinions,” confirmed Swift fans.

Such was the abhorrent nature of his appearance on Info Wars, West (dressed like a mid-90s statement from the IRA) confirming his adoration for Hitler even proved too much for Sandy Hook denier and human toxic waste spill Alex Jones.

“I’ve never been the most sane person in the room so it was a new one on me. And hey, I just usually call them ‘lizard people’ and ‘globalists’ so I can have plausible deniability when it comes to antisemitism,” confirmed Jones, in a statement echoed by leading US Republicans who had been only too happy to show off West as their token black friend in recent months.

Despite the ‘controversies’ section of his Wikipedia section proving longer than the equator West stating his admiration for the architect of the Holocaust was the final straw for many.

“If only Kanye had given us some indication he was a moron on a epic scale before this, I am truly shocked,” said one former fan.

WWN reached West for comment but his spokesperson confirmed he was spending the day drilling through rock bottom.