‘Electricity Bill’ To Be Scariest Costume This Halloween


MOVE over Freddy, out of the way Jason; sky-high electricity and gas bills are set to be the number one costume this year for anyone who can afford to go to a Halloween party.

Many people are already hard at work creating their energy bill-based fancy dress outfits, with experts suggesting that a couple’s costume of ‘Gas & Electricity bills combined’ may exceed 2017 ‘Joker & Harley Quinn’ levels of saturation.

Other terrifying outfits that will be everywhere this year include:

– The shambling, zombified remains of the Conservative Party

– A Donegal home

– The wait time for an ambulance

– A problematic-but-still-incredibly-popular social media superstar

– The HSE’s early intervention team

– A Netflix show that you really loved that ended on a cliff-hanger and may not get a second season

– A “We know you’re all looking forward to coming back to the office” email