You’ve Got To Hand It To Ireland, It Really Knows How To Heap Continued Misery On Mother & Baby Home Survivors


A NUMBER of nations have gone on record to express their awe at how the Irish state, its bodies and public representatives are continuing to find ways to act in a sociopathic, deceitful, cruel and undignified manner when it comes to dealing with Mother and Baby Home survivors.

Over a year after pledging to sanction a report in the wake of the universal dismay and hurt survivors greeted the Mother and Baby Homes inquiry which largely discounted survivor testimony, the Department of has now gone back on its word.

“This is why I got into politics,” confirmed Minister Roderic O’Gorman, who was already had his hands full with ripping up promises to phase out Direct Provision and now faced inquiries from other countries seeking his help in letting victims down.

“Oh well nevermind, chin up. You’re probably thinking we waited until public outrage died down and the average person’s memory around the truly disgraceful handling of the report faded and you’d be right. Chat again when you take us to court for fighting tooth and nail over delaying paying out redress? Laters,” offered a government spokesperson.

The government then asked if that was it as they had to get down to Cork to support a developer seeking to build over a mass grave at Bessborough Mother and Baby Home before survivors and families had a chance to go to court for permission to exhume the bodies.