Tesla Founder Elon Musk Fined For Speeding By Florida Highway Patrol


All Jackpots casino offers real money gambling online casino games with multi-million jackpots but not even playing there to win would’ve boosted the budget of the Florida Highway Patrol as much as the hefty speeding ticket they wrote a few weeks ago. The fine of a record amount – the exact sum was not disclosed by the institution – will have to be paid by Tesla founder Elon Musk for his cherry red Tesla Roadster exceeding at 25,000 mph.

While there is no way of telling whether this is the fastest a sports car has ever gone – there was a time when a dude strapped a jet engine to his car and took off into the annals of the Darwin Awards – this is surely the highest speed an electric car has ever achieved. But the Florida Highway Patrol was not impressed by the importance of this achievement, neither did it consider the fact that the car in question is now over 30 million miles away from the closest speed trap. It is only concerned with the fact that it has exceeded the speed limit a few thousand times, and that the fine has to be paid.

“The Florida Highway Patrol was shocked to learn of the almost criminal negligence of the suspect – after all, you don’t see people strap massive rockets to their cars anymore”, the institution’s media relations department said in a press release after the incident. “Speeding is one of the most dangerous things one can do today – it is one of the principal causes of car crashes and can lead to unimaginable consequences”. The FHP’s heart wasn’t softened by the fact that the car did not have a driver at the time it was hurled at this ludicrous speed, and neither did it consider the fact that its engine wasn’t even on. “Even though some might consider these to be mitigating circumstances, they don’t change this audaciously daring excess of our speed limits. They were set for a reason, and they must be respected at all times,” the press release reads.

While the exact amount payable by Tesla founder Elon Musk was not disclosed by either of the parties, it is surely the largest the FHP has ever issued – the cherry red Tesla Roadster’s speed was clearly in the “30 MPH & Over” category. While the FHP didn’t say what it plans to do with this sudden jackpot hit for its budget, inside sources tell us that they might be planning to replace some of their patrol vehicles with electric variants provided by the same Tesla in exchange of a part of the record-breaking fine.