Kylie Jenner’s Line Of Lip Kits For Newborns Sell Out In Seconds


FOLLOWING on from sharing the news with her fans of the birth of a healthy and happy child, Kylie Jenner had yet more good news to celebrate after her new line of lip kits for newborns sold out 6 seconds after they went on sale online this morning.

Devoted fans delighted in viewing a moving video released online by Jenner, chronicling a pregnancy which she didn’t want to promote or make part of a brand enhancement push. Jenner’s brand has since been enhanced immeasurably by the mature and sensitive way she approached her pregnancy, which culminated in the celebratory launch of lip kits for newborns, retailing at $600 per kit.

However, Kylie fans were greeted with the familiar sight of ‘SOLD OUT’ emblazoned across the Newborn Lip Kit section of the website.

“I bought four kits with my credit card,” confirmed one devoted follower of Jenner, despite admitting to WWN that she does not have any children, newborn or otherwise.

Despite 1,200,000 units of ‘Kylie Kits for Kinder’, in velvet and matte, selling out in just 6 seconds, the astonishing sales resulted in some backlash.

“I can’t believe she would do this, she must know her fans would need more than 1.2 million. What about when I’ve used all of this lip kit on my baby, where do I go to get more?” screamed an irate Kardashian/Jenner devotee, who was planning on chaining herself to the gates of Jenner’s LA home until she could be provided with more infant lip kits.

The reviews of the lip kit itself have been positive with many parents overjoyed with how it has transformed the notoriously dull and thin lips of an infant into a fuller, glossier and more vibrant shapes.

While there has been no official word on when a full range of baby cosmetics will be released, or the possible chemical make up of such products, pre-orders have already exceeded the 10 million mark.

Huge congrats to Kylie and Travis Scott from all here at WWN Trending!