Debate Rages Between Neighbours As To Who Owns Fence Panel


WESTMEATH neighbours the O’Ryans and the Kellihers have begun legal proceedings to find out who is under obligation to repair a fence panel that separates their gardens, which was destroyed during the stormy conditions of Storm Ophelia yesterday.

Succumbing to strong winds, one of the six foot by six foot wood panels that divides the semi-detached homes of the Mullingar families shattered into pieces at around midday.

Although the cost of replacing the panel is minimal at best, the O’Ryan family and the Kellihers have taken it upon themselves to become embroiled in a lengthy, petty debate over who owned the panel, with no clear answer forthcoming any time soon.

“If you count back up the rest of the gardens, you’ll see that the first house has a panel, so that means the opposite panel belongs to the next house” said Ardal O’Ryan, pointing out of his upstairs window.

“So if you keep counting down like that, you’ll see that the panel that was broken here is on the Kelliher’s side, so that means it’s their panel. I own the one on the other side, which didn’t get broken. It’s simple law”.

This was refuted by Declan Kelliher, who pointed out that the count should start from the opposite end of the housing estate, which meant the O’Ryan’s were responsible for the repairs.

“Plus, you’ll notice that the panel fell into our garden, pushed by the wind on their side” said Kelliher, who really has nothing better to be doing.

“Their wind, their problem. The wind that was in my garden didn’t knock a panel into their’s, it was the other way around. I’m willing to fight this one to the bitter end”.

The fence panel was unavailable for comment.