Aww! This Couple Dragged The Absolute Arse Out Of Their Wedding With Unique Vows


LOVING newly weds and Waterford natives Darren and Brona Kiley have made an online splash with a video of their carefully written, one of a kind and unique vows for one another, which left invited guests feeling like hostages in a church.

Clocking in at an impressive 100,000 views, the doting couple confessed their undying devotion over the course of 27 minutes with only the occasional shout of ‘oh for fuck sake, get on with it’ interrupting the moving tribute to their courtship and the life that lies ahead of them.

The adorable vows, totaling 24,456 words, hit upon every moment in the couple’s illustrious relationship with one another, careful to include over 423 promises which were really just rehashes of the idea of ‘loving and honouring one another’.

“It’s bad enough I had to come down from Dublin for this but really? Did they have to write their version of a 27-minute Adele and Ed Sheeran duet,” scolded friend of the groom Aine Lally, who can’t believe she took the day off for this shit.

“You’re the spoon to my tub of Ben and Jerry’s? Like the priest actually allowed that shit to be said inside a church? Mind you I think he fell asleep standing up about half way through it, the lucky sod,” added Lally.

It was initially thought that all those in attendance seen crying in the popular video were overwhelmed by the ‘aww’ factor of the vows, but it was later confirmed that many wedding guests feared the vows would never end and began thinking they would die of old age in the church.