Hurricane Harvey Upgraded To Category 6 Storm After Ruining Melania’s Shoes


THE full extent of the horrors facing the American people in the wake of Hurricane Harvey were laid bare yesterday, after the First Lady Melania Trump had her stylish stiletto-heeled shoes ruined after standing in a puddle while listening to her husband Donald give a talk to a group of survivors in Houston.

The Trump family were met with an impressive turnout of damp Texans as they arrived at the hurricane-ravaged city of Houston, as the state struggles to cope with the unprecedented damage as torrential rain continues to threaten further flooding.

Although Trump described the destruction of Houston as ‘epic’ based on footage he had watched on TV, he quickly demanded that the storm be moved up a classification into the as-yet-unheard of ‘category 6’ following the dampening of his wife’s Jimmy Choo shoes.

“This is worse, this is worse than I could ever have imagined,” said Trump, as he was carried around by four members of the Secret Service.

“Melania back there, she ruined a good pair of shoes that cost almost five thousand dollars, five thousand dollars, I want that added to the repair bill, okay. Whatever it’s going to cost to rebuild Houston, add five grand. This is ridiculous, that we should have to endure damp feet like this. I’m trying to make America great again, you people aren’t even trying to help”.

Trump went on to stress that the hurricane was definitely caused by something other than climate change, most likely something that Obama did during his second term.