Channel 4 Viewers Complain Of Baking Getting In The Way Of New Adverts


IRATE Channel 4 viewers have complained about the long awaited return of the ever popular series ‘one hour and 15 minutes of advertisements being interrupted by spontaneous bouts of baking’.

“If I had known this is what it was going to be like I wouldn’t have tuned it, really disappointed,” explained viewer Joe Harron on Twitter, who felt he was short changed when it came to a lack of ads about Lyle’s Golden Syrup.

“Would it have really hurt them to show some more of that, instead the ads just get thrown to one side and suddenly I’m looking at Noel Fielding riding a unicycle eating a lemon curd while dressed as a shower head,” Harron continued.

Channel 4 had been hoping viewers wouldn’t notice their attempts at shoehorning in baking segments which repeatedly got in the way of the flow of the adverts, however, eagled-eyed members of the public were quick to catch on.

Further embarrassment was heaped upon Channel 4 as Mary Berry, a keen and prominent ad enthusiast live-tweeted the show, remarking that the show was ‘insufferable twat and daft pillock city’ while adding that she would rather ‘grate my eyeballs with a cheese grater than sit through this shite’.

Other viewers expressed concern for a white tent that featured heavily in the unwanted baking segments.

“Why has that tent got ‘help me, I’m being held against my own will’ written all over it with chocolate icing?” queried former die-hard ad viewer Rita Varley, who went on to confirm she would no longer watch the ad-based show she once loved.