Beyoncé’s Labour Screams To Feature On Next Album


POP queen Beyoncé welcomed the arrival of her twins yesterday, giving birth in a specially-built recording booth/ delivery ward to capture her moans and cries during labour for use on her upcoming album ‘Gotta Get This Out’.

Reports of the twin’s arrival hit social media on Sunday, with unconfirmed rumours that Beyoncé and her husband Jay-Z had welcomed a boy and a girl.

This confirmed rumours on Saturday that Bey had gone into labour, sparked by the appearance of a tour bus, a lighting rig, a team of sound technicians and an entourage of hundreds at an LA hospital.

Having kitted out the delivery ward with high-definition recording equipment, the musical megastar laid down a series of piercing screams, guttural moans and fierce grunts to accompany a number of upcoming hits including ‘Where The Epidural?’ and ‘Don’t Think You F**kin’ Me Again’.

“A lot of people thought that Beyoncé had recorded the birth of Blue Ivy 5 years ago and used it on her last album, but no, she just sings like that,” said a source close to the superstar.

“But she was taken with the idea, and brought in the whole team to record the twins birth. I have to admit, a lot of it was pretty catchy. When the second kid crowned, B hit notes that she’s never hit before!”

‘Gotta Get This Out’ drops in September, with ‘That’s Gonna Need A Stitch, Bitch’ expected to be the lead single.