Local Headcase Looking For Other People To Help Him Change Ireland For The Better


AFTER becoming emboldened by the recent opposition shown by the Irish public to the still untangled web of Church and State, one Waterford man who has obviously lost his mind, is looking for people to join him in his efforts to change Ireland for the better.

Liam Lally (26), who has a long history of not doing much about anything, took it upon himself this morning to change his attitudes to the many injustices and inefficiencies that he feels plague Irish society, which has called into question whether or not he’s a complete and utter fucking headcase.

“Sounds like a shite tonne of effort, leave it to someone else,” one friend of Lally’s shared with him after he was approached by IT specialist Lally to help draft template emails people can send to their local TD and councillors on issues of the baptism barrier in schools, the running of the maternity hospital, alcohol and betting sponsorship of sporting events, housing and many other issues.

“Was there not a petition going around on those things already lad. Honestly, are you feeling alright? You sound loopy,” another friend queried when Lally spoke of how he was tired of doing nothing yet always complaining that nothing gets done.

“I’m sick of that feeling that I’m just waiting around for others to do what I feel I should and am capable of doing. Why stand idly by anymore, you know,” Lally shared with his girlfriend of three years, Ciara Carnan, who barely recognised the incoherent stranger before her eyes.

Immediate family members of Lally’s set up a Whatsapp group to specifically deal with his increasingly unhinged conversations about holding politicians to account.

“I think we might need to sit him down. He asked me to go volunteer at a homeless thing there the other day,” shared Lally’s brother, Eoghan, with the family Whatsapp group entitled ‘Has Liam Lost It?’