Disgusting! Pope Francis Still Hasn’t Watched The Wire & Is Failing Abuse Victims


IT’S not often that a piece of information comes across our desk that is so disturbing that we feel so outraged, upset and disgusted to the extent that we simply vomit for hours after reading it. However, today we learned something so heinous that it would turn anyone toward becoming violent almost instantaneously.

Everybody’s favourite religious meme Pope Francis is 80 years of age and despite, we presume, hearing countless explanations as to why The Wire is possibly the greatest artistic achievement in recent decades the prick still hasn’t got around to watching it.

Less importantly, he’s also stonewalling abuse victims and refusing to listen to and meet with them. But, fuck me, this prick apparently has no interest in learning about Stringer Bell, Bunk, Bodie, McNulty and Omar. “Omar coming, yo,” is a phrase that means nothing to him. Just think about that. He hasn’t the slightest inkling as to what went down on the streets of Baltimore. And we’re just happy to sing his praises without really asking ourselves if he truly is as cool as we lead ourselves to believe.

Abuse survivor and Irish woman, Marie Collins recently left a Vatican led committee, which was dealing with victim outreach because she felt they were failing to respond to victims. We’re just going to come out and say it; enough time has passed now since he became Pope at this point, it’s just pure ignorance on his part that he hasn’t picked up the boxset. Additionally, people who were sexually abused by priests are routinely being ignored by the Vatican led by Pope Francis.

It should give any Catholic and TV viewer pause for thought that Pope Francis would be terrible in a pub quiz on TV trivia and certainly doesn’t know the answer to the question ‘Where’s Wallace at, String, where’s Wallace at?’

The Pope has no idea of the journey Bubbles goes on throughout The Wire, it’s beggars belief. Meekly offering empty promises to abuse victims that you never follow through on is one thing, but we guarantee you someone has shown this reprobate the scene where McNulty and Bunk just say ‘fuck’ a bunch of times and still, STILL, he can’t find the time to sit down and watch the entire 5 seasons?

Sick to our stomachs.