Pro Choice Rally Comes Under Criticism For Putting Safety At Risk


RTÉ has reported on the irresponsible ‘Pro Choice Rally’ event, which took place last week in Ireland, citing major concerns about the group hurtling speeding cars around Dublin’s city centre, WWN can confirm.

The reports come after pro choice advocates unfairly targeted RTÉ and accused them of not covering a protest on International Women’s Day which was attended by between 8,000-12,000 people. Some members of the Repeal movement also accused RTÉ of failing to accurately portray and cover its cause.

“This couldn’t be further from the truth, we always cast a cold, unbiased eye on news stories which is why we’ve covered the Pro Choice Rally and the dangers posed by Subaru Imprezas doing 120kph on O’Connell Bridge,” explained an RTÉ spokesman, putting to rest any accusations that the national broadcasters was not giving adequate coverage of the event.

“We are obliged to point out the safety risks such rallies pose, and remember for a moment as well, many of those partaking in the rally are women and you know they’re not the best at driving,” added the RTÉ spokesman, allaying fears that it had not dedicated sufficient resources to covering the rally.

“The city was full of these cars, and there were people on the streets, I mean thousands of them, and they could have been hit by this rally, it was frightening stuff”.

According to the RTÉ report which was available as an online geo-locked exclusive on the RTÉ Player, available to viewers only inside the Donnybrook studios, the rally saw a number of cars passing through the city beeping at a separate and unnamed event which saw upwards of 12,000 men and women campaign for the repeal of the 8th amendment of the constitution.