Fianna Fáil Begin Reconstruction On New Galway Races Tent


WITH Fianna Fáil continuing their march upwards in the polls, senior figures within the party have acknowledged that now is the perfect time to bring back the Galway Races tent.

On the eve of the big race meeting of the year in Galway, Orga Fianna Fáil workers were busy constructing a new Fianna Fáil tent which had enough elbow room to allow for movers and shakers to meet and greet the relevant party members. The tent was then officially opened by Micheál Martin earlier today as a large queue of eager property developers, farmers and bankers formed outside its entrance.

“Let no one say Fianna Fáil hasn’t learned from past mistakes,” Martin told the press in an impassioned speech, defending his resurgent party.

“We have learned. We’ve installed a secret tunnel into the tent so the public and the media won’t be able to see who is coming and going,” he added.

Vested interest groups and individuals seeking to cosy up to Fianna Fáil will be surprised to see how much the tent has changed since it was last in operation.

Gone is the need to bring your own brown envelope as Fianna Fáil will provide them in the tent, and a new feature of the tent allows local businessmen to bid on their local representatives, with the winner of the auctions securing the right to nods, winks and favours at a later date.