‘The Leaving Cert Wasn’t That Bad’ Adults Who Are Still Complaining About It Told


GROWN adults who insist that their memories of the Leaving Cert and its associated horrors are almost on par with the associated horrors of the Holocaust have been sat down and told to cop on to themselves.

“Oh my God, I still have nightmares about my Leaving Cert,” shared one such adult, Angela Heaney on social media site Facebook recently, highlighting the fact that many adults continue in their failure to acknowledge that the Leaving Cert just wasn’t that bad.

Adults citing things such as ‘study’, ‘nerves’ and ‘panic’ are being urged to consider the difficult reality that if they were to look back on their exams properly, they could well discover that actually it was just a few weeks of reading books and writing answers down quickly.

“We’ve found that a lot of adults waste their dreams and nightmares on stuff like ‘oh I was back in the exam hall and I couldn’t get the answer on Maths paper 2’, when in reality their nightmares should probably focus on negative equity mortgages or dying. Yeah, dying is a big one,” shared head of research at the Regressive Leaving Cert Adult Syndrome Institute, Cormac Halliday.

The Institute’s daily work involves sitting adults down and forcibly slapping them in the face before adding that the ‘leaving cert wasn’t that bad, so honestly, cop on to yourself’. So far Dr. Halliday’s work has cured some 20,000 adults, although it is believed close to 2 million adults are still in the grips of the tiresome condition.

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