Man Aiming To Position Himself Directly Behind Yoga Pants On Charity Run


A CHARITY runner is intending to launch an audacious plan which would see him raise much needed money for charity while also affording him a great view of a lovely arse, WWN has learned.

“Those yoga pants or jeggings or whatever they’re called. They just do it for me, ya know, so when a mate said these charity runs are wall-to-wall sexy bums, I said ‘where do I sign up’,” explained runner and pervert Andrew Delaney.

Delaney has said that although he could probably run the 5k race in under 20 minutes, he is not out to break any personal bests.

“For me, it’s all about landing myself within several feet of a beautiful and plentiful arse. If the right one for me happens to be running at a snails pace, then I’ll magically come down with a stitch that requires me to run directly behind a nice bottomed woman,” Delaney, who really should take a long hard look at himself, added.

The runner was quick to add that the enjoyable visual experience provided to him by women in tight fitting trousers was not the only reason he was attending the race.

“C’mon, what do you take me for? 5k runs are great for the old Snapchat updates and profile pics,” Delaney concluded.