College Student Gets Headstart On “Doing No Study” For This Year’s Exams


A STUDENT at Waterford IT has already begun not studying for his Summer exams, claiming to his friends that he hasn’t got a clue how he’s going to pass this year.

Kian Farrell, currently in his second year of an Engineering degree, has somehow managed to get impressive results throughout his academic career despite an insistence that he never studies at all.

Farrell frequently joins conversations with his classmates on exam mornings, and frets and worries about how he “hasn’t done a tap”, before handing in his exam papers way before anyone else and receiving top marks at results time.

His bouts of not studying usually take place in the weeks running up to the actual exam, but this year he seems to have gotten a head start on doing nothing,

“Data structures and algorithms, Jesus, I haven’t a clue where to even start with that,” mused Farrell, who absolutely didn’t spend four hours last night studying data structures and algorithms.

“As for Maths, physics, and analogue control… fuck, I don’t know how I’m going to pass this year. I haven’t studied these at all, and I’ll probably not study them between now and exam time. Fucked, I am”.

Farrell went on to stress that not only has he not studied for his exams, he “hasn’t even looked” at any project work that needs to be completed.