6 INSANE New Features The iPhone 7 Will Have


The internet was abuzz with rumours regarding the new iPhone 7 with the leaked design making its way around, but even more interesting are some of the amazing features Apple are preparing to unveil shortly.

1) Bullet proof screen: following customer feedback, chiefly from Apple heartland in America, many customers complained that their phones suffered irreparable damage in casual gun fights with friends and family. It would appear Apple design guru Jonathan Ives has come up trumps with his sleek bulletproof screen.

2) Hubble telescope lens for viewing galaxies. Not content with just improving ways you can take selfies which are extremely kind, flattering and downright dishonest the iPhone 7 will come with its own Hubble telescopic lens, meaning viewing galaxies millions of miles away will be straight forward.

3) Personal Force Field: already trademarked several years ago, this app which comes free the 7 will allow owners to launch an electromagnetic force field around themselves; perfect for those rainy, windy days. Think you’re going to be mugged? Just press the Siri button and say ‘Force Field’, and Bam! Note: force fields can eat away at your battery so don’t use this too much if you are away from your charger.


4) App that forces traffic lights to go green: another one for the software nerds, this handy app changes the traffic lights from red to green with one swipe of the screen. Admittedly the testing phase has been mixed, with 14 people killed, but Apple have assured us the minority of the kinks have been ironed out. Excellent.


5) Taser: that’s right, the design feature that has most people excited is the taser option. The taser really sets the 7 apart from its rivals and cements Apple’s place in the hearts of its users. Safety is a huge concern, and Apple have truly answered it with this feature.

stun iphone

6) Elephant Mode: our personal favourite. Just when you thought Apple couldn’t get any more innovative along comes Elephant Mode. With one simple command your iPhone 7 will turn into an Indian elephant, meaning you can have endless one and frolics with a gentle and wise creature when you’re not endless scrolling through social media feeds.