Check Out This! You Might Recognise It From The 20 Other Sites You Saw It On Today


cat toddler

THIS is something you really cannot miss, mainly because you probably saw it on countless other news and entertainment sites today but that is not going to stop us including it here.

Personally seeing the exact same article on 16 of our closest competitors’ sites isn’t going to deter us in the slightest, look at us, posting it anyway, all party to the lie that we’re your unique and favourite website.

Despite knowing full well it doesn’t constitute ‘news’ per say, we’re still going to try desperately hard to work towards what looks like a respectable word count before plonking the video, photo or whatever it is right at the very bottom of the article when, if we really thought about it ,it would probably be more convenient to put it at the very top so you didn’t have to read all this shite.

Don’t worry we won’t drag out this preamble to the point where you begin to ask yourself why on earth you clicked in the first place, we’ll stop just shy of that and then finally show you something which cannot fail to be a disappointment such is the frequency with which we bombard you with bombastic headlines.

Now what you’ve been waiting for: a cat walking away from a child who just farted or something like that. He’s probably Irish that cat, gas bastard.