Dead Man Furious After Recieving Irish Water Bill


A COUNTY Waterford man is said to be furious today after receiving an Irish Water bill of €64.10 in the post, despite being dead for almost three years.

Conor Lacey, who died from a massive coronary while working on a building site in 2012, slammed the water company for sending him the bill in his name, stating he will not be paying “one red cent”.

“This is just adding insult to injury here,” he told WWN at his now abandoned home in west Waterford. “It seems dying isn’t enough to get out of paying for water charges these days.”

The dead man’s complaint was delayed due to a queue of over 4,000 journalists seeking to be outraged on Mr. Lackey’s behalf.

Mr. Lacey, who claims to rarely use water in the house since dying, urged the company to double check its database for deceased customers and to set up a dedicated phone line for cases such as his.

“Every time I try to ring their number the line goes dead,” explained the 54-plus-three-year-old. “I shouldn’t have to be contacting them from beyond the grave. I’m meant to be resting in peace here for Christ’s sake – and not trying to amend a ridiculous utility bill.”

A spokesperson for Irish Water has since apologised to Mr. Lacey for the mistake and requested those who have died recently to simply post back any bills to the address given on the back of the envelope.

A staggering 2,476 dead people have been charged by the company since passing on, forcing several into small protests around the country.