‘Yes Side’ Caught Importing Tonnes Of Glitter & Baby Sacrifice Kits Ahead Of Marriage Referendum


marriage referendum

THE sinister underbelly of the yes side campaign has been exposed by leading no side figure Brendan O’Byrne after he intercepted a delivery of tonnes of glitter and baby sacrifice kits in Dublin’s docklands this morning.

The yes side seemingly imported the glitter in advance of the referendum, anticipating a victory for the yes vote while it was initially unclear unclear why exactly they imported the baby sacrifice kits.

O’Byrne made the discovery as he was driving in the North Wall area of Dublin and spotted the HMS Gay Agenda attempting to dock in Dublin port.

WWN talked to O’Byrne as he got a tattoo in an attempt to reveal how committed he was to stopping the yes side in the upcoming marriage equality referendum.

“I choose to get the tattoo because I think very few people actually do this as they consider the future of our children, and so I can look at it, the tattoo and that way I won’t forget to remember,” O’Byrne told us as the finishing touches were put to his ‘Won’t somebody think of the children?’ tattoo.

A recent Iona Institute poll revealed that as few as 3% of gay people ‘think of the children’, despite the poll’s vague and cynical question, O’Byrne insists this is the proof needed in order to stop the gay agenda.

“See, this referendum isn’t about marriage or even gay people, it is about thinking of the children and how we think of them or do we think of them at all? And when thinking of them, how much thought is actually done,” O’Byrne said a number of time, each time in a more confusing way.

“Is glitter sinister? Well not in the hands or celebrations of straight people know. We use glitter in a traditional way, as God meant it. Whereas the gay community have to been known to trivialise the use of glitter by using it to celebrate the tiniest of things like civil partnerships,” O’Byrne said before adding under his breath that gay people “are terrible at knitting and deserved to die”.

This reporter attempted to ask a follow up question but was told by O’Byrne that I had upset him by using words that could be construed as confrontational, and he proceeded to make several failed attempts at crying.

WWN reached out to GLEN, a gay advocacy group in an attempt to clear up any misunderstanding about the shipment of glitter and baby sacrifice kits earlier today.

“Oh, we are absolutely going to kill some babies if the referendum passes. They’ve fucking ruined everything that no side crowd. Do they have any decency? Do you know how hard it is to get a large volume of baby sacrifice kits at such short notice?” a GLEN spokesman told WWN.