Paul Murphy Granted The Freedom Of Jobstown In Emotional Ceremony


IF Irish Water had gained access to the Jobstown area this morning they could have collected huge swathes of water as there wasn’t a dry eye in the house when Paul Murphy humbly accepted the freedom of Jobstown.

As Murphy ascended the few steps on a hastily arranged stage, his stride was slow and considered, perhaps owed to the emotion of the occasion, he only began to speak as the smattering of applause came to a stop.

“This is obviously a huge honour, for both you and me,” Murphy began wiping away a tear before any Garda photographers could gain evidence that the TD does indeed use water.

“I think I would have pinched myself, in a gentle, peaceful way, had someone told the people of Jobstown that I would accept this kind offer of the freedom of this sleepy hamlet,” Murphy then continued for another hour, quoting large passages of the Nelson Mandela biography, A Long Walk to Freedom.

Murphy also admitted to have grown closer to the Bob Marley song ‘Redemption Song’ after his experiences of incarceration as the words now truly resonated.

Locals were largely receptive of the Dublin West TD, but many prominent local figures in the community admitted they couldn’t remember the last time someone was given the freedom of Jobstown.

“Come to think of it, who actually organised this?” Lorna Hughes queried as Murphy pulled out a long ornate golden key from inside his jacket before saying thank you for the honour.

“I’ve finished now, you can start clapping again,” Murphy added, bringing a close to the emotional ceremony.