X-Factor Winner Enjoys Literally 15 Minutes Of Fame


BEN Haenow, the winner of this years X-Factor, has become the first contestant of the long-running singing competition to have enjoyed literally 15 minutes of fame.

10 million viewers tuned in last night to see the 29-year-old Haenow pip 26 year old Fleur East to be crowned the X-Factor winner, before immediately beginning to let his image fade from their memories.

The expression “15 Minutes of fame”, used to describe the fleeting nature of celebrity, dates back to the sixties where it was said by someone or other. Although normally used metaphorically, Ben Haenow has become the first person whose fame has lasted literally a quarter of an hour, according to a survey which took place last night.

Of the X-Factor fans polled, 100% failed to pick Haenow out of a line-up less than half an hour later. A further 100% were unable to pronounce the name “Haenow”, even though they had voted by text for him to win less than an hour before.

“It’s the oddest thing… I feel like I recognise the name, but I’m not sure from where, ” said one X-Factor fan, who had followed Haenows rise from truck driver to truck driver.

“Was… was he on the X-Factor one year? Get knocked out at the judges’ houses? I can sorta remember him, but I’m not sure if he’s real or if it was a dream”.

The X-Factor has a long history of producing flash-in-the-pan pop idols in the decade since.

Cowell, unperturbed by his proteges slide into obscurity, will press ahead with the lucrative release of Ben’s only single, although sources close to the music mogul have leaked that the words “X-Factor Winner” may be used instead of Haenow’s name.