Leo Varadkar Wants Everyone To Call Him Maverick From Now On


Joe-Finger-Gun-Biden (1)

Staff members in Leinster House were shocked this morning as Leo Varadkar, Minister for Transport, Tourism and Sport danced his way into Dáil Bar to celebrate his role in the resignation of Garda Commissioner Martin Callinan.

Dave McKay, who was working behind the bar at the time told WWN how upon entering, Minister Varadkar made the finger gun gesture towards the bar while making gun sounds before blowing away the imaginary smoke and holstering it.

He said “Minister Varadkar sauntered up the bar and ordered one pint of ‘layger beer’. I asked him if he was sure he wanted a full pint. Last time he had a full one was back in 2010 when he told the Taoiseach to piss off, but he was adamant. “Fair play to him, though. He downed that pint in one go. ”

Mr. McKay further stated. “He called me over then, reached over and put his arm around me. He slurred into my ear that I should let everyone know that they have to call him Maverick from now on. Like Tom Cruise in Top Gun.”

“He then pulled out these aviators from his jacket pocket and started bellowing the lyrics to Danger Zone by Kenny Loggins.”

It was revealed last year in a profile by Dáil-Teen Magazine of the Minister’s passion regarding the 1985 film. In it, he cited the journey of the character Pete ‘Maverick’ Mitchell, played by Tom Cruise as a source of personal inspiration.

The TD for Dublin West had been privately critical of the “thoroughness” of the penalty points investigation and Minister Varadkar’s urging of Mr. Callinan to withdraw his “disgusting” remarks about the whistleblower is viewed as the final nail in the coffin by Minister Varadkar himself.

Mr. McKay ended the interview by expressing his concern of how to move the Minister’s incapacitated body. “I don’t what to do. He’s passed out on top of the Guinness tap.”