Men Everywhere Now Understand Benefits Of Make-Up



The #NoMakeUpSelfie craze has now raised over €500,000 for the Irish Cancer Society but it has shattered a long held illusion for millions of Irish men in the process

Irish Facebook and Twitter feeds have been inundated with women posting selfies without make-up, while donating €4 to the charity by texting Pink to 50300. The social media sensation has been largely labelled a success; however, men all over the country have been shocked with the resulting pictures.

John Gibson of the Male Society of Men told WWN today that its members had always wondered what the point of make-up was and they are shocked that women have been lying about their appearance for so long.

He said “It was always our belief that women wore too much make-up and if they wore none they would look far better. Boy, were we wrong. “

Mr. Gibson further expressed his members’ disappointment of this revelation. “80% of our member’s Wank-Banks have been decimated and if this trend continues I can’t see how men will ever ejaculate again.”

WWN received one email detailing one man’s upsetting account of discovering how women look without makeup.

The man who wishes to remain anonymous wrote, “I saw a no make-up selfie of a super-looking wan I’ve been trying to score with for ages and I just couldn’t believe it. I thought she had been through some sort of traumatic event, like her dad dying or something.”

“So I messaged her asking if she was alright. She said she always looked like that so I just panicked and told her she looked beautiful. I told her she should wear less of it for fuck’s sake. I always thought she was half foreign. It turns out she’s paler than me”

The Male Society of Men has issued a statement on the matter urging women to cake the makeup back on. “We understand that it is for a good cause and fully endorse all the good work of all charities. But for the love of God please end this madness.”