Irishwoman Spends €25,000 On Party For Herself



After sending out intricate invites that required a cartographer to understand, Siobhan Cahill (29) finally threw a lavish party for herself.

Siobhan made sure to give as many as 5 months notice to 200 of her closest friends and family.

Close to 150 people responded to Siobhan’s request that they celebrate her as a person at great expense in a 5-star hotel in Galway over the course of 3 days.

Siobhan, a pharmacist from Dublin, devoted hundreds of hours to preparing a once in a lifetime occasion which saw friends from school, distant cousins, work colleagues she has a pathological hatred for and close family all sit in a stuffy room to listen to her father wax lyrical about his eldest daughter.

This would be shortly followed by Siobhan’s Granny ‘taking a turn’ and having to go to bed early with her sherry.

Among the highlights of the party were a string quartet drowned out by the cackles of guests who indulged in the free champagne, an ice sculpture and disappointingly dry food.

All 150 guests rushed to validate the effort Siobhan put into her appearance on the day and agreed the 3 months she spent starving herself really paid off.

Siobhan admittedly had help from one of her friends to bring the party to fruition and had no doubt that “sooner rather than later she would find someone to celebrate with too”.

Many guests were confused when a man in an expensive suit sincerely thanked people individually for making ‘our day special’ while Siobhan had a brief mental breakdown in the toilets due to a spelling error on a 3 tier cake.

Siobhan’s several hours of much needed extravagance are estimated to have put her and her husband in debt to the tune of €25,000.