Curry’s Confirm Sponsorship Deal With London Riots 2011


ELECTRICAL RETAILER, Currys, is to announce a new sponsorship deal with the London Riots 2011 later on today which will reportedly be worth between £4.5 and £4 million to the local black economy.

Curry’s has confirmed to WWN that it will be announcing the details of the sponsorship agreement at one of its main stores in Brixton at around 9pm tonight.

The electronics company will replace rivals T-Mobile and Halfords as the main sponsor of the riots in a deal worth £5 million over the next few days or so, according to a source ‘on the ground’.

Spokesman for the Brixton branch, Chico Johnson, (17 and a half) told WWN today that he expects the sponsorship deal to go ahead around 9ish tonight when it gets dark.

“Easy bruv, we be talking about massive deal here innit? It’s one of da bigger stores around and we here at Curry’s be lovin’ this years riots so much we have gone and decided to sponsor it.”

“We be crackin’ open da doors for the public when the sun goes down man. Its gonna be wickid!

“We advise people to come out early and bring their own trolleys  to avoid dissapointment”

“If any gezza has a truck or van or anything they can contact me on 078-3245-5566 and we can arrange a separate sponsorship deal.

“I be mega excited about this new venture and I ‘ope it lasts for many more nights to come innit?” he added

The agreement will be one of the biggest electronic good sponsorship deals in the area since the Brixton riots of 1981.

Current sponsors of the 2011 London Riots also include the B&Q DIY super store in Peckham and several smaller mobile phone shops and businesses who are understood to be renegotiating a further two day deal with the organisers.

It is Curry’s first major venture into rioting sponsorship after recently ending their long association with The Simpsons on Sky1.