Woman Can’t Quite Put Finger On Why She Hates Young & Happy Coworker With Whole Life Ahead Of Her


OFFICE worker Susan Gannell has confessed with harbouring simmering resentment toward a new colleague but try as she might, she can’t identify the source of her hostility.

“She’s come in here all fresh-faced post-graddy smile on her, full of optimism, charm and warmth yet to be ground down by life but I don’t think that’s why I’m not vibing with her,” said the weathered 28-year-old of her vibrant 24-year-old co-worker, Una Andrews.

“Sure, she radiates light and comports herself like she will never be dulled by the unrewarding grind of simply trying to survive life in Dublin, but I honestly don’t think it’s that sublime, infectious naivety that has me pissing steam every time I see her,” continued Gannell, seemingly unwilling to admit to the source of her resentment.

While Gannell glances across the open plan floor toward Andrews verged on the murderous, Gannell maintained that her colleague’s boundless energy and can-do attitude is not why she daydreams of pushing her down the open shaft of the office lift.

Gannell, who had abandoned all pretences of giving a shit years ago and feels stuck in a rut inside a rut, also pointed out that the fact she has been wearing the same white shirt to work for 4 weeks now while Andrews parades around the office in a different outfit for every day of the week.

“I’ve got it. I know what it is now,” chuckled Gannell, kicking herself for having a better handle on what’s been motivating her, “it’s the oat milk – she brings in her own oat milk from M&S like the communal oat milk is beneath her… the wench,” Gannell reassured herself, as Andrews launched into another joyous and effortlessly charming exchange with co-workers.