Kamala Harris Warns Iran To Raise Bar On How It Treats Women By Banning Abortion


KAMALA Harris, in an official statement from the office of the Vice President, has said that Iran’s continued presence on the UN Commission on the Status of Women discredits the council in a way that the US, which is criminalising rape victims seeking an abortion in Republican controlled states, does not.

“Take a leaf out America’s harmonious representative democracy and truly embrace equality for women,” Harris said of recent killing of Mahsa Amini by morality police and subsequent violence used by the Iranian regime to quell protests.

Harris, who has been seen in public for the first time since Joe Biden’s 2020 election victory, urged the Iranian regime to bring themselves into the civilised world by outlawing abortion in their country as several Republican controlled states in the US have done.

“I can’t help look at the women of Iran bravely standing up for their freedoms and feel comforted by the fact women here at home who the Democrats have failed by never codifying Roe V Wade as law, will never have to go through that” added Harris.

“Listen to the women in your country, if you fail to act on such things the glistening juicy apple of civil society will rot from the core,” continued Harris, resident in a country where parents break down in relief every day to learn their daughters make it through another day of school without being gunned down.

The US Vice President went on to condemn the Iranian regime’s indiscriminate imprisoning of protesters stating that if anyone knew about wrongful convictions it is her, before highlighting her time as Attorney General of California when she was accused of using legal technicalities to keep wrongfully convicted people behind bars.