11 In 10 Voters Couldn’t Care Less About MacSharry Resigning From Fianna Fáil Survey Shows


IT’S the shocking resignation that has every loser who cares about this sort of nonsense frothing at the mouth with excitement, however, it turns out the general public are less bothered by Marc MacSharry leaving Fianna Fáil.

“Who?” said 99.9% of the population when asked about the seismic ructions on the verge of further fracturing the hallowed political institution that is the Fianna Fáil party.

“Is he the son of the FF minister who used a police tape recorder to record the conversations of a cabinet colleague? Ah Jesus, Fianna Fáil are losing the very people who made them the respected party they are,” sighed one local.

Some experts have suggested if such behaviour by political parties were to continue Ireland runs the risk of putting off the sons of former TDs from entering politics at all.

According to the survey MacSharry’s resignation proved less popular with voters than a story about a goat whose farts like a tin whistle in the most read news items of the week. In fact, voters had more questions about why he spells his name ‘MacSharry’ and not ‘McSharry’ than of any lingering interest in Fianna Fáil squabbles.

“Was it the housing crisis, the state of the HSE, the appalling treatment of Mother and Baby Homes survivors, Direct Provision that proved the final straw,” queried one member of the public before being informed it was very much an ego driven toys being thrown from pram situation over how bullying claims against him were dealt with.

Elsewhere, the Healy-Raes have offered MacSharry help if he’s interested in becoming a screwball rural independent TD.