“I Know We Haven’t Talked In 6 Years But Let’s Get Back Together”


IN THE latest entry to the WWN Voices series, we give a platform to people we really shouldn’t. This week, it’s the turn of Mark Leighton, who thinks it’s about time he got back with his ex Aoife Neary despite the fact they haven’t talked for six years.

Six years. That’s a long time in most people’s books… you still mad into reading books Aoife? I loved that you loved books. I still do. Look, I don’t know what way to be going about this, but I’ve been thinking about you a lot lately. And no, it’s not because I seen on Facebook you just got in engaged there at the weekend it’s… here, look, when we were going out you always said you didn’t want to get married and now you’re engaged. Bit weird isn’t it?

I’m willing to forgive all your flaws and the problems we had, like how try as I might I could never manipulate you into doing things only I wanted to do as a couple, and in exchange I’m hoping you’ll overlook how I haven’t grown as a person at all, but that’s good, because why would I want to change the person you were in love with, and likely still are in love with it? Look at us, mess fighting like the good old days already. God, I missed you. Don’t think they let you put emojis in these things, but if I could I’d put the aubergine emoji a few times and the face with the heart for eyes.

D’ya remember Berlin? That was some weekend we had, huh? Brought you for your birthday and we just rode each other silly. I think about that a lot, I’d say you do too. Which brings me to the main point of it all really, let’s get back together because he’s not good enough for you. I am. What sort of a name is Derrick anyway?

I know, it’s been a minute, six year’s worth, and a lot has happened in between but at the same time has anything happened at all, metaphorically speaking and that? We’re still the same people, I presume, having not actually talked to you. You look class in your profile picture, but then again you always did. I was looking through them the other day and I see you still have that one of us at Christmas in 2010 up. Nice subtle message you sent out there Aoife, but I heard you loud and clear.

Oh, and I’m doing really well for myself, you probably saw the BMW pic I had up there on Instagram, I know you don’t follow me but my profile is public so I know you saw it. And remember that rash thing I had on the back of my calf? Completely gone. Yeah, I know but didn’t even go to the doctor, probably just something in my diet or whatever.

Anyway, I won’t keep you much longer, but I know you feel the way I feel just by looking through all those pics of you on holiday with that fella, smiling away, clearly hiding the fact you don’t want to marry him and are still in love with me. The eyes don’t lie Aoife, the eyes don’t lie.

I’ve still got the same number, bet you still have me saved in your phone as ‘Babe’. Me too. Look forward to getting our crazy adventure back up and running. Love you xxx.