Local Man Confirms There’s ‘Nothing On Netflix’


INDUSTRY-leading online streaming service Netflix took a hit in popularity this week, after one Waterford man openly lamented about how there’s ‘nothing worth watching’ on it.

David Geraghan took to social media last night to confirm that he was ‘bored off his tits’ all day, and that his attempts to turn to Netflix for some entertainment proved fruitless after a 25 minute search for ‘something decent’ yielded meagre returns.

Although the subscription-based streaming service prides itself on hosting thousands upon thousands of hours of movies, TV series and documentaries which rotate and freshen up every few weeks, this was not enough for Geraghan who went on to grouse about how he’s watched everything that’s any good, and everything that’s left is either ‘shite action movies that were only released in Eastern Europe’ or ‘poxy documentaries about cattle farmers in South America, or some other bollocks like that’.

“I spend more time looking for something on Netflix than I do actually watching stuff on Netflix,” moaned the 33-year-old Waterford native.

“I settle down after the day, get myself a cold beer out of the fridge, then just scroll through the lists for about an hour, then go to bed. Everyone at work is always recommending stuff to me, but I’m a picky fucker who can’t be pleased and just wants shit to complain about if I’m honest, and this is as good a thing to complain about as any”.

Geraghan went on to add that he went to the fridge for a snack but there was ‘nothing there’, despite there clearly being loads of food.