Trump Appoints Burning Cross On A Hill To Key Position


THE TRANSITION team of president-elect Donald Trump have announced the identity of their next hire as part of the future administration which will take charge of America on the 20th of January 2017, prompting much debate.

A burning cross on top of an isolated hill in rural America has been appointed to the key position of Secretary for Equality, making the hire one of just several high profile recent appointments, including among them, the appointment of Steve Bannon to the role of Chief Strategist.

Those close to the Trump camp have been quick to praise the appointment.

“Filling the equality position tells you all you need to know about how committed the Republican party are to equality for all, it’s an inspired choice by Donald or whatever senior Republican tricked him into thinking it was his idea,” explained Rudy Giuliani.

While a replacement for the head of US intelligence has not been appointed yet in the wake of James Clapper’s resignation, president-elect Trump has been quick to hand the equality portfolio off to a trusted 14-foot cross which has been doused in gasoline before being set on fire.

“We’re getting the best people and inanimate objects, truly the best,” Trump explained in a tweet formally announcing the hire.

The cross which is becoming increasingly unsteady as it continues to burn was said to have beaten a number of candidates to the position, including the hooded figure who was seen dousing it in fuel earlier today.