Gardaí Celebrate Finally Making It Onto ‘World’s Most Dangerous Police Chases’ TV Show


GARDAÍ involved in a high speed pursuit of a stolen SUV on Dublin’s M50 motorway this morning are celebrating after hearing their efforts will be showcased on American TV show ‘World’s Most Dangerous Police Chases’.

The perilous pursuit, which saw brave Gardaí risk serious injury in an attempt to stop a criminal driving at high speeds, represented a serious threat to public safety.

“We’ll be cracking open the champagne tonight, that’s for sure,” said Garda John Byrne, who was behind the wheel of the lead vehicle in the chase.

The chase came to an end in a Jobstown estate in west Dublin earlier this morning, but word quickly spread online of the ongoing chase, which prompted even more interest from other Gardaí in the area.

“As soon as I heard the words ‘high speed’ and ‘stolen SUV’ coming over the comms I thought this was my chance, there’s no way this won’t be on ‘World’s Most Dangerous Police Chases'” rookie Garda Adam Barry told WWN, which goes some way to explaining why so many Garda cars became embroiled in the chase.

It is thought a number of Gardaí from far flung stations joined the chase upon hearing rumours this particular pursuit had all the makings of a great entry onto the fabled American TV show.

“Sure the Garda Commissioner was in the car in front of me bursting along. She had the iPhone out and everything, capturing it, ya know, in case the in car-camera was on the blink. No one was taking the risk of screwing up getting this on the TV,” Garda Barry added.

Producers of the hit show were immediately in touch with the Gardaí which sparked joyous scenes in Garda HQ.

“There was a lot of high fiving and putting on shades afterwards, it was great. It just goes to show you with the right class of criminal, we can really band together to create something worthy of greatness,” Garda spokesperson Elaine Duffy told WWN.